Terms and Conditions

Providing http://ieshop.biz/ resource services is regulated by the terms and conditions of work with http://ieshop.biz/ resource – User Agreement located at: https://ieshop.biz/ Website http://ieshop.biz/ – online resource that offers Internet users, individuals and legal entities to purchase goods and services, which are placed on pages http://ieshop.biz/shop/. User – a natural or legal person who buys or wants (is the intention) to buy goods and / or services on http://ieshop.biz/ site.

1. Acceptance of conditions

1.1. The user, when purchasing services and / or goods to http://ieshop.biz/ site. (Hereinafter the “Services”), confirms its full agreement with the user agreement.

1.2. User acceptance of the User Agreement by placing a tick in the box “I agree to the terms of this agreement”, which is placed on the page that precedes the data entry page to make a payment.

1.3. Also, this user agreement is considered to be accepted by the user and the user fully accepts the terms of the user agreement, in case of actual payment for the service from the site http://ieshop.biz

2. Terms and conditions of this User Agreement

2.1 user, when purchasing services on http://ieshop.biz/ site acknowledges and fully agrees that:

2.1.1. Purchase services and / or goods will be used only for personal purposes of the User.

2.1.2. The responsibility for the use of the service and / or product bears full user who bought the service and / or product on the website http://ieshop.biz/

2.1.3. A user may be denied access to services and / or goods in the event that employee monitoring department http://ieshop.biz/ there is suspicion of an attempt of fraud when buying services and / or goods, as well as at its own discretion employee http://ieshop.biz/ site monitoring without giving any reasons for the refusal.

2.2. Users who have purchased the service on http://ieshop.biz/ website represents and warrants as follows:

2.2.1. The service purchased, the user will be used only for personal purposes, that will not cause any kind of damage (in all its forms) to third parties.

2.2.2. Do not harm the (in any possible form) reputation http://ieshop.biz/ site or its partners, any actions or their inaction.

2.2.3. Do not distribute untrue, false, knowingly and intentionally misrepresent http://ieshop.biz/ site or its partners.

2.2.4. If you have information about problems or issues (of any kind) when working with the purchased services and / or goods on http://ieshop.biz/ site, immediately report this information to the e-mail support site http://ieshop.biz/ (info@ieshop.biz)

2.3. The user is fully responsible for the information that he places through the use of the service. The administration of the site ieshop.biz has the right to unilaterally remove any user materials that may, in the opinion of the administration of the ieshop.biz site, cause harm, osculation, etc. third parties or the image of the site ieshop.biz

2.4. The user of the site ieshop.biz understands and permits that the service of providing disk space and / or dedicated server (the physical location of the server) is provided in the territory of Canada, the USA, China.

3. Additional conditions

3.1. User agrees that the amount taken from his credit card or other payment methods, may differ slightly from the sum indicated in the cost of goods and unconditionally agrees with the right resource http://ieshop.biz/ install internal currency conversion rate.

3.2. The user acknowledges that the full legal competence, and competence in the conclusion of this User Agreement and subject to its terms and conditions.

3.3. After the conclusion (decision) of the User Agreement on behalf of the organization, the user fulfills the conditions of this User Agreement to the organization, and confirms his authority to bind the organization of these conditions. In this case, the term “User” refers to you as a real person, and to the organization that you represent.

3.4. The user knows, understands and agrees that the use of the purchased goods and / or services will be (only) outside the territory of the European Union

3.5. Website http://ieshop.biz/ - online resource represented by NADI Prof s.r.o. has the right to place advertising links, banners on other resources, as well as other types of advertising and marketing tools to attract customers to their own resources.

3.6. If any of these conditions can be considered uncertain, void or for any reason unenforceable, such provision shall be deemed severable from the remaining provisions and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining condition (items of this User Agreement).

3.7. The user understands and agrees that this site (ieshop.biz), processing its system or any other technical program complexes that ensure the site's workability (ieshop.biz) retains some user data, such as, but not limited to, if it is necessary for registration of the purchase of the service or other actions on the site: the user's IP address, the user's E-Mail, the User's name, the User's last name.